About the Face To Face Foundation

The Face to Face Foundation was created to help families bear the on-going financial cost for children born with cleft lip and/or palate. Since most insurance does not cover on-going specialized care, many of these kids grow up with speech, feeding, emotional and social issues related to their cleft lip & palate.

The Face to Face Foundation aims to serve the local Charlotte community by sponsoring families in need. Watch our video for more information!

Helping Children with Facial Differences

Children with this health problem need constant team care and may require surgical procedures until the age of twenty. Many of the procedures are covered through private and government funding but the majority of the children have excessive financial burden. The Face to Face Foundation was established to help ease that burden. 

The Foundation will sponsor children and families who are in need of things like specialized feeding bottles, wound care items, orthodontics, speech therapy and other surgical and non-surgical therapy.

The administration and distribution of the funds are overseen by the Face to Face Foundation Board of Directors, who will accept and review applications for funding on a quarterly basis. All Foundation Board Members are professionals who volunteer their time, leaving 100% of the funds available for the benefit of our children.

What Is The Future For These Children?

If these children have full access to the multi-disciplinary care available, they will grow up to have happy, normal lives. When access to that care is limited by financial constraints, it compromises the care they receive and can have negative lifelong effects. Our goal is to help families afford the highest level of care possible so that those smiles shine. 

Face to Face Foundation Non-Profit Board of Directors

Rick Kapitan – Cleft surgeon, Dir. Carolinas Center for Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery
Danny Ketola – Business Manager at CCOFS
Andy Shene – Charlotte Metro Area Executive, First Citizens Bank
Erin Kiehna – Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Novant Health
Hillary Lacouture – VP of Marketing, BECO Management
Lucas Garber – Attorney, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
Brooke Hall – Model/spokeswoman, cleft advocate

In Partnership With Our ACPA Approved Cleft Lip Team