Where Hope
Meets Help

The Face to Face Foundation helps families meet the many financial needs associated with cleft lip and palate and other congenital craniofacial birth anomalies in the Charlotte region. 


Supporting Cleft and Craniofacial patients in the greater Charlotte area.

The Face 2 Face Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Dr. Rick Kapitan in Charlotte, NC and aims to provide grants to patients who are struggling to meet the financial burden of their diagnosis.

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The Challenge

Cleft Lip & Palate is a birth condition that affects nearly 1 in 700 children born in the United States each year making it the second most common birth anomaly. 1-2 of every 1000 babies born will have a congenital craniofacial birth difference. While the severity of cleft and craniofacial conditions can vary a great deal, all children born with a craniofacial diagnosis are faced with remarkable challenges ranging from feeding and speech to dental and facial development. These patients often need to undergo a long series of treatments (both surgical and nonsurgical) from birth until adulthood. The near constant need for medical care can prove to be a significant burden for both the patient and their families.

While medical insurance often covers the majority of costs associated with the initial surgeries that are needed, many families find that necessary treatment related to orthodontics, speech/feeding therapy, restorative dentistry, and certain reconstructive surgeries are not covered or are inadequately covered by insurance providers placing a very large financial burden on families.

The Goal

We believe no family in our area should have to delay or forgo medical, dental or therapeutic treatment for cleft lip & palate or a craniofacial diagnosis due to cost. 

We want to aid in providing resources to truly “Close the Gap” between the cost of care and what medical insurance actually covers by providing grants for patients needing to complete their care.